These pages are meant to contain stories and memories of Kevin by those closest to him.  So far, most of the stories are mine.  If you have a memory you'd like included, please write it up as you'd like it to read and email it to me.

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     - Kevin had no fear of heights
     - A Grandmother's Memories of  Kevin

1964-1967 Various
     - Early Indications

1964 Summer
Lightning & Thunder

1965 Fall
Kevin and his dad are reunited after their first extended separation

1966 Circa
     - Sign Language

1967 Circa
Poor aim; wet seats

1969 Summer
Kevin makes a journey to Grandma’s house

1970 Circa
Kevin's first birds

1971 Summer
     - Kevin gives his dad some good advice
     - Jon remembers one of Kevin's early practical jokes

1972 Summer
     - Kevin's first kill
     - Kevin's first motorcycle ***Added 5/14/01***

1974 Summer
     - Kevin acquires his lopsided smile

1975 Circa
     - Kevin is impressed by Uncle Ken's stories

1978 Summer
     - Caught in the act ***Added 5/18/01***
     - A drive to the beach ***Added 5/18/01***
     - "Freeze-Out"

1979 Summer/Fall
     - Learning to ride a street motorcycle ***Added 5/24/01***

1980 Circa
     - Merrill and Kevin develop a practical joke
     - Kevin's dad falls for their joke - hook, line, & sinker

1980 May
     - Adventure at Yosemite

1980 Summer
     - Failure to communicate
     - Kevin wins a new seat for his motorcycle ***Added 5/24/01***

1981 Circa
     - Jon remembers a practical joke he and Kevin tried on Grandma Printz

1982 Circa
     - Bowling for Dollars - High Game Pot
     - Bowling for Dollars - North State AllStars Tournament

1982 March
     - Kevin's first contact with the Sacramento Fire Department

1982 April
     - Kevin is reunited with Bruno

1983 Summer
     - Cheryl remembers Kevin training for the SEALS
     - Jon sells his motorcycle
     - Jon & Kevin teach a cousin a lesson

1985 Various
     - Kevin saves his dad's life in Hawaii
     - Surprise visit ***Added 5/14/01***

1988 Summer
     - Kevin and Paul have an adventure while SCUBA diving in Monterey Bay

1994 Summer
     - Adventure at Sand Mountain

1997 Summer
     - Kyle talks about a couple of motorcycle rides with his Dad
     - Kevin's dad talks about a spectacular motorcycle jump

1998 April
     - Jay remembers his last conversation with Kevin

1998 May
     - Kyle makes a friend
     - Forrest, Paul, and Doug have a visit???

1999 August 7
     - Grandpa has a visit?

Many more stories to come.  I have several dozen 
to write up and I remember more stories ever day.

Last Updated 05/24/01

Kevin's Page | Memories