Doug and Linda’s First Trip Using the GPS Mapping System

September 2, 2004

Doug and I are going on a little trip to try out the laptop and GPS mapping system.  We are having a blast!!  We have been on lots of new road, some of which were dirt.  The mapping software is quite excellent.  It tells us where to turn and everything!  If we miss a turn, it recalculates and finds another way to continue on our trip.  Last night Doug input a trip route and we are following it – we are avoiding freeways and local streets. 

We have been traveling for about five hours and are at Oroville (127 miles) where we stopped for dinner.  We ate at a 3 Bros-type restaurant and it was quite good.  Doug had a bowl of chili and I had a chicken oriental salad.  Along with our meal we were treated to live cowboy guitar music by a group of old-timers.  Quite the ticket!

We took our first picture at Oroville Lake.  It is a picture of a suspension bridge in the fashion of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We are trying to make it to Burney, but will make a decision at Quincy as to where we will stay the night.  We made it to Quincy at 7:00 and that is where we will stay the night.  We are staying at the Gold Pan Hotel, which is pretty bad looking, but the best available in Quincy that we could find.  This is a really small town, so accommodations are limited – four altogether according to this mapping software.

September 3, 2004  -- Clear blue skies, slight wind, a hint of fall in the air, 64 degrees

We just started out again this morning on our trip.  We had a very excellent breakfast at a little café called Courthouse Café, which happened to be right across the street from the actual courthouse.  We both enjoyed bacon and eggs, done to each one’s satisfaction.

We had a wonderful night at our motel, the Gold Pan.  We went to bed at 10:00 p.m. and sometime later we both woke up to go to the bathroom. Upon checking the time, we were shocked and dismayed to discover it was only 12:30!  Two hours before our regular bedtime!  Before we checked the time, we were both sure it had to be at least 4:00 in the morning.  Both of us had been dreaming like crazy during those two and a half hours that we were asleep. We started laughing like two hyenas, and it took more than a little time for both of us to get settled back down to sleep; and as I type this we are cackling like two hens.

We took a picture (our second one) of a railroad bridge located along Route 70-89 north of Quincy.  We are amazed at the scenic rugged countryside – it is really beautiful.

This is working even better than I would have expected. I can toggle back and forth between the map and Word to record whatever I want.  As we drive along, I can tappity tap and still look at the scenery.

We just crossed the Lake Almanor Spillway.  The lake is really low.  We’re driving along the lake and it is really pretty.  The water seems exceptionally blue.

We just saw a pink logging truck.

Mount Lassen is straight ahead as we drive along. 

There is a chip truck ahead of us and does it ever smell GOOD!

We just got fuel at Chester – 7.8 gallons, 263 miles, $2.25 a gallon.

We are heading north on 36 toward Lassen Park.  There are some huge trees here.  It is always surprising when you get out of the car to find just how big they really are.  The area is freshly logged and it looks just beautiful. We must be getting into tourist country – there is plenty of traffic here.

We have entered the park, and we just took some pictures – two scenic shots just above the sulphur pits on SR 89 going through Lassen and a shot of Lassen Peak.  We took another picture at Emerald Lake. We have passed over the summit, 8,511 feet, and it is smoky on this side.  There is a small fire that we can see from the road.  It is too hazy to take any scenic pictures.  The area we just traveled through is absolutely crystal clear and the mountains look 3-D.  We just came upon a sign that says the fire is a managed fire.  Good to know the park service chooses a crystal clear day and decides to #@$% it up.


A point of interest just thought of:  As we were eating breakfast this morning, we saw a car drive by the cafe towing two Segways.  You don’t see that every day!

We just noticed that we blew a fuse.  The computer is now working on the battery.  It shows we have 2-1/2 hours of battery time left.

This will be the last entry for the day.  The battery power is down to 33%.  Since we can’t use the GPS and mapping software, we decided to head back home.  We were having so much fun and now our trip is spoiled.  We’ve never had these tools before, but the thought of going on without them is too much to bear.  How quickly we become accustomed to high tech toys.