Discover Africa
Off-road Adventure

Offered in conjunction with Ayres Adventures
Cape Town, South Africa to Windhoek, Namibia

Ayres Adventures and RawHyde Adventures are offering a very special, customized off-road Discovery Tour in South Africa and Namibia:

  • There will be a training component, conducted by RawHyde Adventures at our facility in January, 2013. The training will be tailored specifically for the riding conditions in Namibia and will be three days in duration.

  • The tour will begin in Cape Town, South Africa in early March and will end in Windhoek, Namibia. It is expected to be 15 days in duration.

  • Jim Hyde will accompany the tour and will provide coaching and reinforcement of the riding skills learned during the training session.

  • The tour includes a self-drive safari in Etosha National Park by 4x4, providing the opportunity to experience the continent's wildlife.

  • This will be a premium-level tour, using the same high-end accommodations, meals, and support services found on Ayres Adventures Premium Tours. The route and itinerary will be different from Ayres Adventures' regularly scheduled Namibian trips, as this Discovery Tour will focus on off-road travel.

Ayres Adventures is the leading provider of guided motorcycle tours in Africa with resident African tour leaders with years of experience leading tours in a dozen Southern African countries. RawHyde is the world's leading provider of off-road motorcycle training, with an emphasis on training riders to safely and competently ride large-displacement BMWs in a variety of off-road conditions. This Discover Africa Off-Road Adventure offers the combined experience and expertise of RawHyde and Ayres Adventures in delivering this unique tour.

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It may be necessary to make minor modifications to the proposed itinerary. When alternate lodging is used, we will endeavor to use lodging of an equal or higher quality or rating than what has been specified in this listing.

Day 1: Arrival in Cape Town.
Airport transfer, motorcycle hand over, kickoff meeting and our first dinner together! Dinner at a first class restaurant on the Waterfront. Riders arriving early can visit Table Mountain, take a city tour, or enjoy the cafes, restaurants and shopping that the waterfront has to offer.

Hotel: V&A Waterfront - a Five-Star experience at the most desirable location on Cape Town's Waterfront.

Day 2: Cape Town to Lamberts Bay (250 mi.)
Before heading to Lamberts Bay we'll ride the stunning roads of the Cape Peninsula to the Cape of Good Hope - the most southeasterly point on the African continent. We'll stop at the penguin colony at Boulders Beach and ride Chapmans Peak Drive - one of the ten most scenic drives in the world.

After lunch we'll continue to Lamberts Bay, a charming little fishing village that is off the tourist path. In the evening, we'll enjoy a "sundowner" at a very unique open-air oceanside restaurant as we watch the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean. Our meal will include a wide variety of local seafood, including lobster.

Day 3: Lamberts Bay to the Norotshama Lodge, Namibia (350 mi.)
It's a relatively long day, but the miles will pass quickly as we ride a beautiful, high-speed paved highway and enter Namibia. We'll hit gravel almost as soon as we enter Namibia and we'll look forward to many days on dirt, gravel, sand, rocks and the occasional river washout

The ride is very scenic, with views of the Cedarberg Mountains as we depart the Lamberts Bay area, and the Bokkeveldberge Mountains coming into view as we approach Namibia. Some of the ride will be straight, but we'll encounter some nice sweepers through the mountains as we approach Namibia.

Our accommodations for the evening will be a charming lodge on the banks of the Orange River, which is the boundary between South Africa and Namibia.

Day 4: Norotshama Lodge to Aus (175 mi.)
We'll enjoy a lovely gravel ride along the banks of the Orange River for most of the way to Aus. We'll stop in the desert town of Rosh Pinah along the way – the site of a very large Debeers diamond mine.

Riders wishing to do additional riding may ride west into the desert to see the rare wild horses of the Namib. Real mile eaters may want to ride all the way to the small German community of Lüderitz, located on the ocean. The ride could also include a stop at the diamond mining ghost town of Kolmanskop, located a few miles outside of Lüderitz. It's about 75 miles from Aus to Lüderitz, on a beautiful, high-speed paved road. The ride is very beautiful.

Day 5: Aus to Fish River Canyon (175 mi.)
It's a beautiful ride on good tarmac from Aus to Seeheim (130 miles), a small Namibian village where we'll stop for lunch.

From Seeheim to the Fish River Canyon, we'll be back on gravel and sand (50 miles, plus sightseeing side-trips). The Fish River Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world and a Namibian "must see" attraction.

We'll stay in a very interesting, upscale lodge within the Gondwana Nature Park, near the Fish River Canyon.

Day 6: Fish River Canyon to Helmeringhausen (180 mi.)
Approximately 50 miles of today's ride will be on good pavement, with the remaining 130 miles on rural dirt and gravel roads.

Helmeringhausen is a very small agricultural community that will provide an interesting insight into life among the Afrikaaner farmers.

Day 7: Helmeringhausen to Sesriem (150 mi.)
The ride to Sesriem (the nearest town to the famed sand dunes at Sossusvlei) is totally gravel and sand. We'll do a side trip to the Duwisib Castle – an historically interesting German castle built in the middle of the desert, and now a museum open to the public (although definitely off any tourist path). Today, the castle houses an impressive collection of 18th and 19th century antiques and armor.

We'll stay at a luxury lodge near Sesriem – a castle that is reminiscent of castles in Morocco. The lodge has an excellent restaurant, bar, and swimming pool. The lodge also has a fleet of ATVs and conducts tours into the nearby mountains where riders can enjoy a "sundowner"

Day 8: Sesriem to Swakopmund (225 - 300 mi.)
Today's distance will depend on whether riders wish to take a direct route through the desert or prefer to ride several interesting mountain passes on "side trips". Either way, all but about 25 miles will be off-road and you'll ride north across the Tropic of Capricorn.

Swakopmund is on the ocean and is probably one of Southern Africa's favorite beach resorts. The Swakopmund area is known for some of the world's highest sand dunes, and there are opportunities to stop for ATV rides on the dunes between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

Day 9: Swakopmund to Twyfelfontein, Kunene Region, Damaraland (200 - 280 mi.)
Today begins with a ride up Namibia's Skeleton Coast. Riders desiring a shorter day will head inland to the days destination at Twyfelfontein. Riders desiring a longer day will continue north on the Skeleton Coast and ride through the Brandberg Nature Reserve and will have the opportunity to view 9,000 ft. Königstein, the highest peak in Namibia.

We'll spend the night at a very special place - the Mowani Mountain Camp, a luxury lodge with safari tents with individual ensuite facilities, a great bar and restaurant, and incredible desert views. Riders may enjoy a side trip to see ancient cave drawings - an attraction the area is very famous for.

Day 10: Twyfelfontein to Sesfontein(130 mi.)
Depending on weather conditions and local road conditions, today could be the most challenging day of the tour. We'll encounter sand, gravel, and washouts as we pass through some very interesting native villages on our way to Ft. Sesfontein.

Our lodge for the evening will be in a 100+ year old German Fort that has been converted into a lodge. When Namibia was a German colony, the fort was manned by German police to combat weapons smuggling and elephant and rhino poaching.

Day 11: Sesfontein to Khorixas (210 mi.)
Located in Damaraland, Khorixas is a small town that is located close to a petrified forest and the Twyfelfontein Valley, which is known for it's rock art. Side trips to both of these locations is a possibility.

Day 12: Khorixas to Etosha National Park(245 mi.)
Most of today's ride to Etosha National Park will be on gravel. At the end of the day, we'll leave the bikes rest while we get into a fleet of 4x4s to prepare for a "self-drive" safari in Etosha tomorrow..

Our lodge for the next two nights will be a luxury lodge located at the Namutomi Gate of Etosha. Non-predatory wildlife roam the grounds of this lovely lodge (giraffe, antelope, warthog etc.) The lodge has a great restaurant, bar, and swimming pool.

Day 13: Free day at Etosha National Park.
We'll spend the entire day In Etosha "on safari" in 4-wheeled vehicles.

There are several fenced parking spots within the park where we can stop for a break, and there are three fenced camps, each having a restaurant and small shop for purchasing snacks and drinks.

During the photographic safari, riders have an excellent chance to see all of Africa's "big five" (elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, cape buffalo). Other popular species are abundant in the park (giraffe, zebra, kudu, springbok, and many others).

Day 14: Etosha National Park to Windhoek (300 mi.)
Our last day on the bikes will be on good, high-speed asphalt as we head for the capital of Namibia.

This ride may be on pavement, but it doesn't mean boring, as we'll pass through some interesting rural Namibian towns as we make our way to Windhoek. There will also be plenty of time to stop at various roadside markets along the way to purchase authentic African artifacts and souvenirs to help commemorate our incredible Africa Adventure (masks, bowls, dolls, carvings, etc.)

Our celebration dinner will be held at one of Ron Ayres's favorite African restaurants - Joe's Beerhouse. Great atmosphere, cold beer, awesome food including such African delicacies as zebra steak, kudu, warthog, springbok, wildebeest, oryx, ostrich and much more.

Day 15: Departure from Windhoek International Airport

Breakfast and airport transfer

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