From Sea to Shining Sea

Our once in a lifetime motorcycle trip across the country was more than either of us imagined. We both have a new appreciation of our wonderful country and the people that live here. We'll be doing more of this type of travel.

We traveled across the center of the country to the Atlantic Ocean at Myrtle Beach, SC.  Once past Salt Lake City it was all "new road" for both of us.  The idea that people in Kansas think of themselves as westerners was odd.  Southern Hospitality is real - we really enjoyed the people of Tennessee, the Carolinas, and Kentucky.  Not to say the rest of the people aren't nice, but the people of the south are special.  We spent 4 days in Asheville, NC seeing the sights. We rented a car and took a break from the Goldwing.

On the way back West, we went up through Indiana, and north through the Michigan Lower Peninsula across the Mackinaw Straits to Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  We spent another 5 days driving around Michigan based out of Traverse City and 2 more days in Mackinaw City.

We then proceeded West across Michigan's Upper Peninsula, across Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and into Montana. We spent a night in Great Falls visiting some friends and proceeded to Hamilton where we stayed another 4 days and helped Mom and Dad celebrate their 64th wedding anniversary.  The scenery in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota is spectacular.  We were surprised at the lushness of Eastern North Dakota.  West of Bismark, however, things got very dry and stayed that way until we hit the mountains.

Our trip home from Hamilton was routine - we've made the journey many times.  It was good to see the Pacific Ocean and travel down the coast to California and back home.  We were gone for 7 weeks and it took several days to get used to the idea that we didn't have to pack up and get moving.