Ride to Jessica's Wedding in Portland - August 2012

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Photos from the wedding

Jessica invited us to her wedding to Tyler Gordon on August 10, 2012 in Portland, Oregon. Linda and I decided this was the perfect opportunity to take the Honda ST1300 on a little ride. We left on August 7 and returned home a week later.

Since the weather was hot, we decided to scat for the coast and ride it as far north as possible. The ride was perfect .......... temperatures on the coast were in the 60s and we missed the 100 degree temperatures in much of the interior.

The first day we rode to Fort Bragg via Lake Berryessa to Calistoga then down the Russian River to Jenner. We had a nice little lunch in Jenner, sitting outside of the River's End Restaurant - great little spot. We spent the night at the Harbor Lite Lodge with a great view of the harbor.

The second day we rode to Brookings, Oregon. The ride was pleasant, but uneventful and we spent the night at the Ocean Suites Motel - an interesting place that offered a small kitchen and living room in addition to the usual bed and bathroom. A little small, but adequate.

The third day we cruised into Forest Grove. a small town about 20 miles west of Portland, and stayed at the Best Western. The ride along the Oregon Coast was much more interesting than I remembered with plenty of great scenery and roads. North of Newport to Lincoln City, however, was crawling with traffic and I vowed to return home a different way to avoid it.

On the fourth day, we we rented a car to make getting to and from the wedding a little more convenient. We slept in, found a nice, little restaurant that featured home cooking and had a great bacon and eggs breafast for $4.95 - coffee included. We then picked up the car, went back to the motel and did our laundry. Around 3:00 PM, we made our way to the World Forestry Center for the wedding. It was a nice affair, if a little noisy for us old folks. Paul, Dan, Roderick, Brandon & Mehgan all made it and we did a little catching up. Once the music started and folks started getting a little lubricated, Linda and I made our escape and headed back for the motel.

Up bright and early the next morning, took the car back, then headed for the coast - this time by a route that would avoid that stretch between Lincoln City and Newport. Traffic was much better, which was a surprise. We figured that Saturday traffic would be much worse with locals flocking to the coast - not so. We headed right back for the Ocean Suites Motel in Brookings, and this time we got a room that was much larger and nicer - this one was a virtual one bedroom apartment and we enjoyed our stay very much.

Our journey back was identical to our ride up and we again stopped in Fort Bragg and spent the night at the Harbor Lite Motel. The weather was perfect except for a little 100 degree weather around Garberville.

Since the weather was forecast to be 105 at home, we decided to get up at the crack of dawn and get home before the heat hit. We plotted a direct route, heading east on Hwy 20 all the way to Yuba City before heading south to home. Unfortunately, Hwy 20 was closed east of Clear Lake because of some forest fires and we were forced to head south to Calistoga, Davis, and Hwy 80 home. It didn't slow us up too bad, and we rode into Versante about 2:30 PM. When we left Fort Bragg the temperature was 48 degrees - when we rolled into the driveway, the temperature was 102 degrees, a 54 degree difference and maybe the biggest temperature spread I've ever experience in a day. The only time that might have been greater was in Montana in 1961 when I was going to school at Bozeman. When I went to class one morning, it was about -20, an hour later when I left class it was around 30 degrees because of a Chinook wind, I don't know what the exact temperatures were, but the difference was also about 50 degrees.