Photos were taken at Mimi's restaurant in Folsom.
Linda's Dad invited us out to dinner tonight to help us celebrate our 25th anniversary. He intended to surprise us by inviting Bob and Donna and Dan without telling us. We found out in a round-about way and were feeling a little smug about knowing - we intended to act surprised when the time came. And surprised we were in spite of our selves. When Dan came in, Jessica was with him and another nice looking young lady whose name was Jeannie. Not to jump to any conclusions, but Dan and Jeannie appear to be an item. Dan told me that Kyle would be showing up, too. I had just got done talking to Debbie in Georgetown not 45 minutes earlier and she said Kyle was out in the garage so I told Dan that I couldn't see how he would be coming. My words hadn't quit echoing when Kyle, Debbie, and Doug walked in. I couldn't believe it. Debbie said that they were just leaving when I called Kyle and she trying to hurry up the phone call so they wouldn't be late.

We all had a great meal - Thanks Les - and lots of good conversation with folks we don't see everyday. After dinner we gathered in the parking lot andcontinued our conversations for another 30 minutes or so.