Trip to Washington and Montana

In early April, Linda and I drove up to the Spokane area to check out Debbie and Kyle's new place. On the way home we swung by Hamilton to check up on everyone there.

When we were scoping out a route for our trip, it occurred to us that we've never driven on Interstate 5 except for short stretches - we always strive to stay on secondary roads and highways. This time we opted for the Interstate and were pleasantly surprised - we stayed on I5 until North of Portland - we took Highway 12 to Yakima and then Interstate 90 to Spokane then to Missoula. We took the quick way home through Wells, NV.

It looks like Debbie and Kyle made a good move. They have a fantastic house in a really nice area and they both seem to like it there. Debbie gave us a little tour of the Spokane environs and seems to know her way around pretty well.

We had a short but good visit with the folks in Hamilton. Dad seems to be coping pretty well. Sandi and Pete have their place fixed up pretty much as they want it. Janie is missing Jay but trying to keep busy and keeping a positive outlook. Brandon will graduate from High School in June - no concrete plans for later. We spent an afternoon at Lake Como with Paul and his friend Jean and their 8 dogs. We had a good visit and a pleanant afternoon. We didn't get a chance to drop in on Ken and Sharon - we figured they'd be too busy to deal with us. We'll catch them in June and see how their place is coming along.

Our trip home was uneventful - just a nice drive in perfect weather.