Summer 2003 - Fishing in Hamilton

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Jay took Kyle and me fishing while we were visiting in August - it was something.  Kyle caught the first fish and it looked pretty good to everyone.  It might have weighed a pound or so and was the biggest fish Kyle had ever caught.

A short time later, however, Kyle hooked on to the Grandpappy of them all.  After quite a tussle, he brought it in close to shore and we got it in a net.  Although we didn't have a scales, Jay said he caught a 10 pounder some time back and Kyle's fish was way bigger - Jay estimated 15 pounds.  These pictures don't do it justice.  It's mouth was so big it wouldn't fit on the stringer Jay had - we had to use a bungee cord.

We continued to fish, and soon, Jay caught one that rivaled Kyle's fish - a little smaller but in the same class.

After some time I finally hooked one - it was big but not nearly as big as the other two.   I worked on it for about 10 minutes and finally lost it.  Jay felt sorry for me and let me bring in the next one he hooked - he didn't want me to get skunked.

We finally left after catching a total of  7 fish, 3 each for Kyle and Jay, and 1 for me.  Paul had spoken for some fish to eat, so we decided to give him the second smallest one in the bunch.  Jay gave the rest to a family he new.  When we got home, I cleaned Paul's fish.  Even without its head, it was too long to fit in the bottom of the folk's kitchen sink.  He reported that the fish was excellent.