Descendents of John Printz
Union Army, 6th Iowa Infantry , Civil War
- Escape from Andersonville

Printz, Clark - My grandfather didn't officially serve, however, he once told me that in 1898 he and a group of his friends rode on horseback from Hamilton to Florida in an attempt to join the Army after the USS Maine was blown up in Cuba. Unfortunately, by the time they arrived in Florida, the war was over. A valiant attempt to do his part.

Family of Royal Printz and Eva Mayer Printz - Mayer Family Who Have Served

Printz, Doug - US Army National Guard

Kevin Printz, U.S. Navy
- Served on the USS Robert E. Peary in the Persian Gulf during the Iran/Iraq war. During his tour, the USS Stark was hit by an Iraqi missle killing 37 American sailors.

Kyle Printz, U.S. Marine Corps
- Served in Afghanistan in 2011
- Currently (Dec 2012) assigned to the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, AZ working on a Harrier Jet crew.

Knight, Lester (Linda's father) - U.S. Navy
- WW II combat veteran
- He walked the streets of Nagasaki two months after the bomb.

Printz, Merrill - U.S. Air Force
- Cold War veteran

Printz, Paul - U.S. Marine Corps
-Viet Nam combat veteran

Printz Roderick - U.S. Navy

Printz, Jay - U.S. Marine Corps -
- Viet Nam combat veteran

Clarkson, Pete (Husband of Sandi Printz Clarkson) - U.S. Army
- Viet Nam combat veteran

Clarkson, Steve - U.S. Army
- Desert Storm combat veteren

Clarkson, Jon - Career Navy
- Currently on active duty

Printz, Ken, U.S. Army
- Viet Nam combat veteran

Printz, Shelby, U.S. Air Force
- served on checkpoint duty in Iraq


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