New Year's Day, 2015

Don't give up this site yet. In the next few months my plan is to change it into more of a BLOG type site. I plan to simplify things so it will be easier to keep things up to date. Also, in its current form, the web site doesn't work on mobile devices such as cell phones. My plan is to fix that. In the process, I'll be updating our trip reports to get them up to date.

Christmas Day, 2014

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year To All Our Friends and Family!

It has been another great year for this little Printz family of two. We have no major illnesses to report, and there were only a couple of non-life-threatening injuries to limbs and tailbone. So no really bad things happened along our way this year, just good things to remember and keep us going.

In recent years Doug has accumulated a lot of pretty good motorcycle riding buddies from all over, and the opportunities to ride are almost endless. He's been on more than several two-, three-, and four-day rides to Nevada and Southern California. In addition, he has a small group of local buddies that are doing their best to find every back road in the area. They meet for breakfast a couple of days a month and it usually turns out to be an entire day of seems that someone always has some place that needs to be checked out.

In January, Doug traveled out of the country to the Copper Canyon in Mexico with some Arizona motorcycle buddies, and he had quite an adventure for a couple of weeks. While Doug was gone, I amused myself by going to three movies that Doug had no interest in, and lunching out with the girls.

In February Doug and I went to Hawaii, staying in a little beach house on the north shore of Oahu for a week. We decided that Oahu has become too crowded for our taste, and we are not likely to return. But I must say we did enjoy our private little beach between the rainstorms.

In March I went to Palm Springs with Kathy for a week. We really did up the town! We toured Sunnylands, saw a performance at the Annenberg Theater (hobnobbing with the likes of Senator Barbara Boxer, Gene Marshall, and Judd Hirsch) took a tour of the old movie stars homes (including Elvis's hideaway) and saw one of the last performances of the Palm Springs Follies, among other things. It was one great little trip and we enjoyed it immensely. While Kathy and I were doing the town, Doug and one of his local buddies rode to the Las Vegas area to camp out and do a little desert riding at the "Taste of Dakar" motorcycle rally.

In May, Doug and three of his buddies rode to a motorcycle rally near Flagstaff called *Overland Expo.* After the Rally they rode another 4,000 miles exploring Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada before returning home. Meanwhile Kathy and I traveled to Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. We covered a good deal of country too. Needless to say, a good time was had by all. We all saw some really beautiful country and made memories to last. Plus Kathy and I met a couple of new friends, Dominick and Rhina, who live in San Francisco.

In September some of Doug's buddies from Arizona invited him to ride Colorado's roughest, toughest, highest mountain passes. They dubbed this ride "Hell Week." Unfortunately, Doug took a bad spill on the first day out that left him with an injured back/tailbone, and he could not continue. He somehow managed to ride home alone, taking three days to get here, and the next day we went to his doctor to find out the tailbone was cracked, but there were no other major injuries. He is still convalescing, but the outlook is bright...he's now back on the bike for shorter, tamer rides, and in November he and one of his buddies from Utah met up in Death Valley and spent a few days visiting and exploring all the tourist sites.

Also in September, Kathy and I went to Yosemite to celebrate Kathy's birthday. We took a very nice tram tour that went to most of the viewing areas, and then drove around by car to the see the rest of the sights. And in September/October, Kathy and I went to Quebec for a week with a local travel club. It was a very nice trip. The fall colors were outstanding. The tour guide said we were there at the exact right time, as the colors last only about three weeks before everything turns brown, which also lasts about three weeks, then everything is white for six months. I would love to return to Quebec City. We got to see a lot, but there's more, I'm sure of it.

I am writing this a few days before Thanksgiving. As that holiday approaches, I am sorely reminded of all our family members that have passed away from us. We miss them always, but this time of year is especially sad without them. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving with our friends Bob and Donna and Anthony, Kyle and Jasmine, and Dan. It will be a true day of giving thanks for the many blessings we enjoy.

We hope 2014 has been a wonderful year for you and that next year will be even better. We are truly grateful for all our friends and family, and that includes you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the peace of Christ be with you always.

Doug and Linda

February 1, 2014

On January 8, I headed to Phoenix to meet up with a group of rides to ride Copper Canyon, Mexico. The ride was organized by Mick and Jason of Phoenix and included about a dozen people from all over - Arizona, California, Idaho, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Costa Rica. What a ride! All my preconceptions of Mexico were blown out of the water. The people were happy and friendly and we saw no evidence of the dangers being discussed in the media. The riding was challenging, the scenery was out of this world, the food was GREAT, and I couldn't have asked for better riding companions - most of them will be life-long friends.

New Year's Day 2014

Wow! 2013 just sorta whizzed by.

My best riding buddy, Bill move to Utah in early December - I'm going to miss him.

We've been staying a little closer to home these past couple of months and neither of us has been on any epic adventures since Australia. Well, maybe a couple of little adventures:

While in Arizona, I was invited on an adventure to Copper Canyon in early to mid January. I'm busy making preparations at this moment.

November 3,2013

It's been a very busy few months and I'm beginning to feel like I'm away from home more than I'm home. It seems as if I just get home from a trip and it's ready to start getting ready for the next trip. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

In August, Linda was gone from the 11th to the 21st, traveling to Switzerland to tour the backroads of the Alps. While she was gone, Bill and I took ride to the Lost Coast of Northern California exploring some new roads and replaying some old roads.

In September, Bill and I took off for Colorado to take part in Rawhyde's Adventure Days 2013. We had a great adventure on the way over . . . . we ran into historic rains and floods in Colorado that forced us to turn back. In spite of the rain, we were able to salvage some great riding and enjoyed ourselves a lot.

In October, Linda and I traveled to Australia and spend all month exploring the country by rail, air, and bus. I'll be working on a trip report in the next month or so. This was truly and EPIC trip.

July 30,2013

Kyle is doing well and his training to be a firefighting is progressing. He has completed his EMT training and in August will begin an 18 month paramedic training program. He had an interesting job in early July. He was hired by Jeep as the EMT on three Rubicon Trail expeditions.

Linda and I have both been very busy with our travels in July.


I have spent the last two weeks in Utah. The first week I spent at the Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theater in Logan, Utah, with another wonderful group of Road Scholars. We saw six performances of opera and theater. My favorites were Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and The Drowsy Chaperone. That does not mean the rest of the performances were not good; in fact, all were spectacular. Following the festival, I went to a hotel near my old hometown and traveled around to nostalgic places: Spring City, Eureka, Bingham Canyon, etc. It was a really nice time of reflection, and I also got to have lunch with Nicole Hicks and Riley and Reagan. The last two days there were back at Logan for a family reunion. I enjoyed remeeting the relatives and seeing the relics, pictures, old homestead, and gravesite of my great-great-great grandmother, Sarah Goode Marshall-Chadwick. She was quite a strong woman and I am glad to know what great genes I have through her.


I rode down to Phoenix and joined a group of 10 riders to ride the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route, mostly dirt roads from the Four Corners area to the Wyoming border north of Steamboat Springs. We crossed many of Colorado's iconic mountain passes, many of them over 12,000 ft in elevation. To say that I enjoyed this ride would be a huge understatement. Many of these folks were already my friends and riding buddies and I added a few more on the ride. The scenery was out of this world and the riding was extremely interesting - some of it quite challenging.

Later in the month, Bill and I rode the long way to Salem, Oregon for the International BMW-MOA motorcycle rally. Bill laid out a most interesting 2-1/2 day route to get there and we saw a lot of interesting country and roads along the way. We joined up with some riding buddies from Colorado who had been saving us a spot to pitch our tents and combined to make quite an intersting group of campers. Three of my new riding buddies, Mats, Chris, and Thierry also showed up at the rally along with an old friend, Brian, who rode back home with Bill and me.

June 24 ,2013

Life is good in El Dorado Hills.

We ran into Kyle the other day and had dinner with him. He's busy getting set up for life. He's finished his EMT training and is continuing to work on ride alongs with the fire department to gain enough experience to take advantage of any opportunity for employment that may arise.

Linda and I returned home from our motorcycle trip to Texas on May 25. We had a great ride and saw lots of country. I'm currently working on a trip report, but it's going kind of slow - lots of photos and GPS tracks to go through and never enough time.

Thursday, I'm heading for Phoenix to meet up with about a dozen of my riding buddies from down there. We'll then head north and spend the next six days riding the Colorado Backcountry Discovery route. CLICK HERE to see a short video describing this ride.

In July, both Linda and I have travel plans. Linda will be leaving on July 14 to take part in the "Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre: Seven performances!", a week long program sponsored by Road Scholar. After this program is complete she will spend four days exploring her childhood stomping grounds in the Salt Lake City area before attending a family reunion in Franklin, ID. While she's gone, I am riding up to Salem, OR with my buddy Bill for the BMW MOA motorcycle rally. We plan to do some exploring on the way up and back.

Work on my Africa trip report continues slowly . . . . I'm finding that going through over 100 hours of video and cataloguing nearly 1,000 photos is a little daunting. Also cleaning up the nearly 3,000 miles of GPS tracks is a little chore. Eventually . . . . .

April 30,2013

We're thinking of Kevin, today . . . . it's been 15 years today.

It's certainly been a busy year of travel for us this year.

Less than a month after my return from Africa, I was off again on a motorcycle ride to Arizona to ride with some buddies from the Phoenix area on one of their monthly adventures. My local riding buddy, Bill rode down there with me. I just finished up my trip report which you can read by CLICKING HERE. We were gone about a week and had a great time.

While I was in Arizona, Linda and her friend Kathy were taking a tour of Georgia and South Carolina - she's still working on her photos.

My trip report for the Africa trip is slowly coming along. I have over 100 hours of video to review and about 1,000 photos. Complicating things somewhat is the fact that I'm always off on another motorcycle ride - it's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Tomorrow, Linda and I are taking off for a 6-week motorcycle ride to Texas. A better description might be that we are heading for Texas and we'll keep riding until we get sick and tire of it - six weeks is our outside limit. We always talk about taking a trip with no schedule and no destination - this is it. Our only plans are to see the Alamo and to explore the Hill Country west of Austin/San Antonia and to make a run through Big Bend National Park. Other than that we will just flit here and there.

March 23, 2013

Here we go again . . . this time it's been nearly three months since an update.

Linda and I have both been busy travelers in that time. I committed to the Africa trip and in January I traveled to southern California to spend 4 days meeting up with the rest of the group and doing some training to get ready for the sandy roads of Namibia. While I was in southern California training, Linda traveled to Florida and spent a week with Sports Leisure Vacations learning a little bit about the Florida Keys’ natural history and cultural heritage.

On February 23, I hopped on a plane for Capetown, South Africa and spent the next 15 days riding over 3,000 miles north into the Namibian desert and capped off the ride with a tour through Etosha National Park. I"m currently working on a ride report of this epic adventure.

Linda made arrangements to travel to Arizona with Roads Scholar while I was in Africa and spend some time in Sedona learning about the geology of the greater Grand Canyon area. Somehow this trip wound up being rescheduled and, as luck would have it, she left on March 13, just one day before I returned home from Africa. Tomorrow morning I will pick her up at the airport and will finally see her after more than a month - I believe this is the longest separation we have endured in our more than 30 years of hanging out together. Never again.

On April 12, I'll be leaving on another motorcycle adventure. This time, my riding buddies, Bill and David, will accompany me on a ride down to the Phoenix area to do some riding with Mick and his group of adventure riders. This will be a fairly short ride and I should be home in less than a week.

In May, Linda and I are planning to ride the Honda to Texas to explore the Texas Hill Country. This is going to be another busy year.


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