Eve Katherine Printz
Mom's Obituary

said so, in some of our discussions many years ago, I sensed that she felt she might have missed something by marrying and having children before exploring her own potential.

My mom was always a little in awe of people she considered to be "highly educated" and often expressed her confusion about why these people didn't act better or make better choices.  I wonder if she knew how many of these same people held her in awe for her intelligence, wisdom, compassion, and goodness - I know I did!

Photos from Mom's life

My mom was one of the few, truly good people of this world.  She never had a harsh word for anyone - unless you mistreated animals.  She was a mother figure to many, in addition to her own children, when they needed one most.  She spent enormous amounts of time and energy helping people - continuing into her decline when she had little to give.

I have many fond memories of mom.  I remember her stories of hearing a heavenly choir when she was a young girl - stories of her childhood on the farm in North Dakota - her disappointment that her father was never able to reach his potential.  Although she never