Springtime 1999 in Northern California
Linda's flowers in full bloom
Linda and Kyle at Kennedy mine near Jackson, California.  This mine was the Mother Lode's highest producing mine.  The machinery in the background was used to winch the miners and equipment in and out of the mine - the main shaft is over 5900 feet deep.
Kyle and me at the  Kennedy mine.  The tower is directly over the main shaft.  Ore was lifted out of the mine and processed in a hammer mill down the hill left of the tower.
Easter Dinner with Linda's folks, Wayne, and Kyle, Linda, and me (someone had to hold the camera).
Kyle and I happened on to a group of miniature railroaders while we were on a bicycle ride.  They have quite an operation at Goethe Park in Rancho Cordova which is right on the bike trail.
Crossing a bridge on a miniature train.
Kyle and I bicycled 20 miles Sunday - Kyle's record.  He was riding his Grandma Linda's mountain bike and this was the first time he's ridden a bicycle capaple of going that far.  Quite a feat for an 8-year old.  He showed a lot of guts the last few miles - he didn't whine even though it was obvious he was plenty tired.